5 Best High Yield Savings Accounts – September 2016

Any one can save money in their savings accounts. Are you a super saver? If so the general savings account is not enough for you. The general savings account comes with a lucrative 0.08% interest a most.  You need a better High Yield Savings Account. The best accounts offer perks like no minimum balance, ATM access […]

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The effect of being Frugal

“We often mislabeled frugal people cheap” says Ramit Sethi, an entrepreneur and online finance guru, famous for his “I will teach you to be rich” book and course. Before we discuss about the effect of frugal we must understand what it means being frugal! What is Frugal? Being frugal is being unwasteful and sparing! Consuming the consumables […]

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Options Trading

Despite of what you hear from people around, options involve a lot of risk. Option trading is not suitable for everyone. I attend a 2 hours introduction on a financial advice from Robert Kiyosaki’s group in late 2014. I was trading for more than 10 years before. However I never went into option trading. I […]

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Strike Price

Strike Price A strike price is where a derivative of a security can be executed. For example, you bought an AAPL 109 SEP Call. This means you are buying a contract that AAPL reaches 109$ in price or goes above 109$ in price before the contract expiration date. For calls the strike price is where the […]

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How to Reduce Your Telephone Bill to Zero (0$)?

I used to think nothing is free , including reduce your telephone bill, at least landline, to zero is a myth. In the past 10 years I used multiple service including Verizon & VoIP phone services like Vonage, Reliable IP TV and Ooma Telo. None of them reduced my bill to zero. However one day […]

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